Jun. 15, 2017
dear joe, i got this link from speaking on your youtube channel, i figured out the last problem by myself, i am just trying to get my head about the Seo on images and the pages to get higher in the google ranking. i cant quite understand but i have looked online at youtube channels. it might be me or the videos i am choosing. is their any you would recommend for sorting out the SEO and other useful information. also it would be great if you could just check out my site and tell me what you like as a user or from your experience.
Jun. 18, 2017
If you want to get really good at SEO I would checkout backlinko.com. It has some really awesome information.

As for SEO of images, the main thing is that you have a descriptive alt tag which can be set in WordPress if you go to the properties of the image in the post.

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